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Coffee Pro(2)


Country of Origin




Natural Brown Paper(1)


Flat Bottom(16)



For Use With

BUNN 12 Cup Commercial Brewers(3)

BUNN Home Brewers and A10, also works with most flat bottom coffee funnels(3)

BUNN Tea Brewers, Single & Dual Coffee Brewers, 1.5 gal urns, ITCB, System II(2)

Bunn System III Coffee Brewer(1)

Bunn 3-Gallon Urn-Style Coffeemakers(1)

Bunn 3-Gallon Urns(1)

Cone Style Electric Coffeemakers(1)

BUNN Dual & Single 1.5 Gallon Brewers(1)

BUNN 6 Gallon Urn Brewers(1)

Basket-Filter-Compatible Eight- to 10-Cup Home Brewers(1)

BUNN 10 gallon (37.9L) Urn Brewers(1)

BUNN Titan Urn Brewers(1)

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Special Features

#4 Cone Filter For Electric Machines-Convenient filters are chlorine and gluten free.(1)

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