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Lint Rollers

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4 in x 29.4 ft (10.1 cm x 8.96 m)(3)

3 in x 8.5 ft (7.6 cm x 2.59 m)(1)

4 in x 62 ft (10.1 cm x 18.9 m)(1)

4 in x 25.1 ft (10.1 cm x 7.65 m)(1)

Country of Origin


Dirt Types

Lint; Pet Hair; Various Debris(7)

Special Features

Extra Sticky Lint Roller-Roller is 50% stickier than standard Scotch-BriteT Lint Rollers. Heavy-duty handle. 48 sheets per roll.(2)

Mini Roller-Smaller size is easy to carry with you. 30 sheets per roll.(1)

Lint Roller 2-Pack-Heavy-duty handle. 56 sheets per roll.(1)

Lint Roller-Heavy-duty handle. 30 sheets per roll.(1)

Refill Roll(1)

Lint Roller(1)

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