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Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Hoover Commercial(13)

Oreck Commercial(4)




Country of Origin





For Use With

Oreck U2000R-1, U2000RB-1, XL2100RHS(3)

Electrolux Sanitaire SC600 & SC800 Series(3)

Hoover CH50400(2)

Hoover CH54013, CH54113, CH54015, CH54115(2)

Electrolux Sanitaire SC412(2)

Electrolux Sanitaire Style Z Series(2)

Electrolux Sanitaire SC9100 Series(2)


Hoover CH50100, CH50102(2)

Electrolux Sanitaire SC5745, SC5815, SC5845, SC5713(1)

Fro Pro Data-Vac models MDV-3TCA, DV3ESD1, MDV-2TCA and MDV-2TA(1)

Advance Spectrum CarpetMaster Paper Bag; OEM #1471058500(1)


Electrolux Sanitaire SC3700A(1)

Hoover Commercial Back Pack Vacuum C2401(1)

Hoover CH32008(1)

Data-Vac Pro MDV-3TCA; 3ESD1; 2TCA; 2TA(1)

Data-Vac MDV-1BA(1)


Hoover CH34006(1)

SC3683A; SC3683B(1)

Nilfisk CarpeTwin Upright 16XP/20XP Paper Bag; OEM #323153(1)

Panasonic Upright Type U Paper Bag; OEM #MC-115PT(1)

ProTeam 10 Qt. Super Coach, MegaVac Paper Bag; OEM #100331(1)

Karcher/Tornado CV30/1, CV38/2 & CV48/2 Paper Bag; OEM #6.904-294.0(1)

Eureka Mighty Mite Paper Bag; OEM #60295(1)

Nobles Portapac/Tennant Backpack Paper Bag; OEM #611780(1)

Eureka F & G Paper Bag; OEM #54924A(1)

ProTeam 6 Qt. QuarterVac Paper Bag; OEM #100431(1)

ProTeam Super Coach Pro 10 Qt.; OEM #107313(1)

Electrolux Sanitaire EUK-SC785AT-1(1)

Advance VU500, Triple S Triumph; OEM #107407587(1)

Windsor Sensor S/S2 & XP, Versamatic Plus; Karcher Prochem PV12 & U-Vac UPV12; Sanitaire EON; Kenmore 50015; Triple S Prosense; OEM #5300(1)

Windsor Versamatic Paper Bag; OEM #2003(1)

ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6, GoFree Pro & ProVac FS 6 Qt.; OEM #107314(1)

Windsor Sensor S, S2, XP, Versamatic Plus; OEM #5300(1)

Carpet Pro CPU, CleanMax Standard and Pro Series, Fuller FB90/95, Tennant V-SMU-14, Tornado CK14 PRO; OEM #9007743(1)



Size Group


XL Standard Filtration(2)

XL Advanced Filtration(2)

Allergen SB(2)

Style LS(2)

Hepa CC1(1)

Shoulder Vac Pro(1)

Allergen C1(1)

10-14 gallon(1)

One Size Fits All(1)

Allergen Q(1)

Standard CU2(1)

Allergen B(1)

Standard Q(1)



Premium Allergen Bag(1)

Capacity Range (Volume)

2 gal - 2.5 gal(1)

15 gal - 22 gal(1)

4 qt(1)

9.5 qt(1)

6 qt(1)

10 qt(1)





Special Features

For ProTeam(4)

For Windsor(4)

For Nilfisk-Advance(3)

Allergen SB(2)

XL Advanced Filtration(2)

XL Standard Filtration(2)

Style LS(2)

For Nobles/Tennant/Castex(2)

For Eureka(2)


Allergen C1(1)

Standard Q(1)

Fits 2-2.5 Gallon Tanks(1)

Fits 15-22 Gallon Tanks(1)

Fits 10-14 gallon tanks(1)

For Electrolux(1)

For Carpet Pro, CleanMax, Fuller, Tennant(1)

Allergen Q(1)

For Panasonic(1)

For NSS(1)

For Karcher/Tornado(1)

For Sanitaire(1)

For Advance(1)

For Hoover(1)

Allergen B(1)

For Advance Spectrum(1)

Standard CU2(1)

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