United Supply Corp. is a certified vendor (ID #UNI079) for the New York City Department of Education. At United Supply, we provide our customers with top quality products that enrich the educational experience. Our contracts cover all educational needs including early childhood furniture, instructional materials, classroom supplies, physical fitness equipment and educational specialty products. These contracts include trusted manufacturers such as Bison, Champion Sports, SI Manufacturing, Ecr4Kids, Luxor and Copernicus and many more. Check out the catalogues below or download the PDF’s on the right to view items.

List of Current Contracts:

Contract # B267307 - Athletic Supplies & Equipment
American AthleticBisonChampion SportsDiamondDollamurDudleyEscalade
Gill AthleticJayproJoolaMoltonSpaldingUCS

Contract # B217915 – Early Childhood Furniture
CopernicusEcr4KidsLuxorWood Designs

Contract # B283504 - Instructional Materials
EdushapeSI- Manufacturing

Contract # B290402 - Elementary Physical Fitness Equipment and Supplies
• United Supply corp / Physical Educational Catalog

Contract # B297102 - Small Appliances
Small Appliances

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Contract # B267307 - Athletic Supplies & Equipment
[PDF file]

Contract # B283504 - Instructional Materials
[PDF file]

Contract # B217915 - Childhood Furniture
[PDF file]

Contract # B290402 - Fitness Materials and Supplies
[PDF file]

Contract # B297102 - Small Appliance
[PDF file]
Early Childhood Furniture
Instructional Materials

Edushape: Catalog # 27


SI Manufacturing: Educational Dealer Catalog 2107

Athletic Supplies & Equipment
AAI Gymnastics 2017

AAI: Gymnastics


Bison: Team Sports and Park & Rec Equipment

Champion 2016-17

Champion Sports: Catalog 2016-17

Baseball Softball 2017

Diamond: Baseball Softball 2017

Dollamur Fitness

Dollamur: Sport Surfaces

Dollamur Wrestling

Dollamur: Dollamur Wrestling

Dollamur Martial Arts

Dollamur: Dollamur Martial Arts

Dollamur Gymnastics

Dollamur: Dollamur Gymnastics

Dollamur GymTurf

Dollamur: Dollamur GymTurf

Dudley Softball 2017

Dudley: Softball

Escalade 2015-16

Escalade Sports: 2015-16 Catalog

UCS Gymnastics Catalog

GILL Athletic: Track & Field

Gill Training Conditioning 2017

GILL Athletic: Gill Training Conditioning 2017

Gill Soccer 2017

GILL Athletic: Gill Soccer 2017

Jaypro: All Sports 2017

Jaypro: Jaypro: All Sports 2017


JOOLA: Product Catalog

Molten 2017

Molten: 2017 Catalog

Spalding TEAM 2017

Spalding: 2017 Team Catalog

Spalding Training Aids 2017

Spalding: Spalding Training Aids 2017

UCS Gymnastics Catalog

UCS: Gymnastics

Small Appliances
Small Appliances

Small Appliances: Small Appliances

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